02 December 2009

Victoria's '09 Secrets Unleashed on Runway

Another year, another Victoria's Secret fashion show. Usually I'm all about the Vicky S show, but this year I was a bit disappointed. A lot of my favorite angels were missing from the runway lineup since they're off having babies. Some of the girls who took their places weren't all that exciting as the veteran angels.

At the beginning of the show, a number of the girls looked way too serious for the Vicky S runway that Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum always made seem so fun. As the show went on the girls lightened up (thank God). Maybe they weren't as nervous, or maybe they just liked the Kings of Leon soundtrack better than the Black Eyed Peas.

The most confusing part about the show was the contest. No one seems to know how it worked. Numerous times during the show, viewers were told to vote online. However, the show was filmed mid-November. How would our votes during the show's broadcaset in December make a difference in who got to walk the runway? Someone on Twitter said that both girls got to walk the runway and the loser was cut from the broadcast. I don't know if that's true, but if it is I don't know how they filmed the scene with the winner being announced. The girl who won was tearing up as she waited to step on the runway. Is there another similar scene with the other girl on the cutting room floor? I'm even more confused trying to explain the confusion, so let's digress. (** Update: According to the AP, both finalists walked and only the winner was shown.)

The VS show's usually rebroadcast on the CW network. If it airs again this year I'll be sure to watch to see if I feel differently about it then. For now, here are my thoughts:

• How’d they not mention Selita’s name during the intro? Is she not one of the top 6 angels? (During the show one of my friends informed me that Selita’s contract is over. Is that true?)
• Glow sticks!

• Fergie looks like she should be a Vicky S model.
• These girls look way too serious. I miss KK and Adriana. They brought life to the runway.
• The first Asian angel! Ooh, she’s lively. What’s her name?
• Look at Abbey Lee rocking out!

• Vicky S secret: under that lightning bolt, Selita’s wearing a 15 pound sandbag. Who knew right?
• Vicky S models are looking a little too skinny. Again, I miss KK and Adriana.
• I love watching the models run around backstage
• Loving the Kings of Leon Sex on Fire!

• Chanel Iman! Go girl!
• The girls in the second part of the show look more relaxed.
• Imagine being in Grand Central when they’re doing the Vicky S contest photoshoot.
• So funny to see these VS contest girls posing in Grand Central in spots where I stand around all the time. Next time I go there I must pose instead of doing nothing, lol.
• Are the girls in the VS contest wearing their own clothes when Miranda does the elimination? I want to know where that girl got that peasant top/corset thing.

• Gotta love the Pink parade. (Sidenote: Lily Aldridge in the above photo's the girlfriend of Caleb Followill from KoL.)
• More KoL! Loves it! (Think that's why Lily's so excited?)
• Kudos to the girl with the balloon train.
• Love how Jay-Z’s just randomly in the front row. Does he look bored?
• “I’ve been called the master of the ass.” That can be taken in so many different ways.
• “Don’t wiggle it, shake it.” Who is this guy again?

• Rock those legs Fergie!
• Go Michael Bay! The Vicky S commercial never looked so edgy.
• Team Jamie Lee or Team Kylie? I’m Team Kylie all the way. That girl’s got a serious walk!

• Heidi on the runway and the crowd loves it! Hear those screams? Now that's a real angel. I love it!

• Love Miranda’s top in the enchanted forest sequence.
• Ooh, work that train Alessandra.
• Does anyone remember that Isabel’s supposed to be one of the top 6 angels too? What happened VS? Isabel and Selita started the same year and hardly ever get mentioned. Are they Victoria’s secret?
• Abbey Lee just owns that glitter runway. Go girl!
• Yeah, Team Kylie!
• Ooh, now that’s what I call a balloon boy.

• Okay is it just me or did the fake tans look a little too orange this year?
• Umm, if we were still voting during the broadcast, how did they send Kylie down the runway?
• Go Kylie, owning it.
• Haha, I love how the Veronica’s Untouched is the closing song. So fitting since most of the boys who want to touch these models never will.

(photos from JustJared)

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