01 January 2010

2010, Start of a Brand New GRAE

Happy New Year!

Notice anything different?

When the ball dropped GRAE New York looked like this:

I've spent the first 2 hours of the new year and decade revamping the layout. What do you think?

This is all part of my plan to redefine GRAE New York for the new year. I've changed the tagline to "Go GRAE!" and even updated the description:

In 2009 GRAE New York was just a blog. Now it’s 2010. What do you say we make it a lifestyle?

GNY’s still inspired by the arts, fashion, music, entertainment and the like, but this year I’m taking it to the next level. It’s the start of a new decade and everything feels fresh and alive. It’s time to rediscover and revamp. It’s time to go GRAE.

I plan on updating the blog more frequently and I hope you'll stick around to see what I have in store for the rest of 2010.



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