03 January 2010

"Be Your Own Hero"

I'm obsessed with Whip It! You remember the movie Drew Barrymore directed, produced and co-starred in. Although Drew wore many hats, Ellen Page is actually the star of this movie. She plays Bliss Cavendar, a high school senior in a small town. Her mother (Marcia Gay Harden) makes her compete in beauty pageants and she'd rather not. Although her character's the usual "unpopular alt-indie chick," what she discovers and becomes a part of is unusual and a whole lot of fun - roller derby!

As you know from the trailer, she joins a team, but I won't spoil the plot for you. The only thing I want to point out is what Kristin Wiig's character Maggie Mayhem says to Bliss - "Be your own hero."

I think that's such an important message. Sometimes we spend so much time likening ourselves to celebrities and people we think are cool that we forget to just be ourselves and do what we love. So as you kick back this Sunday, think about how you can be your own hero.

(Sidenote #1: The soundtrack is equally awesome!)

(Sidenote #2: Landon Pigg is in this movie, and I just found out we share the same birthday!)

(photo from Yahoo! Movies)

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