06 January 2010

'Betty' Moves to Wednesdays

Another Tuesday night with nothing to watch. No wonder NCIS is the number one show. There's nothing else on that can compete. Does anyone really watch 90210?

Tonight I won't be bored since Ugly Betty returns! That's right, Betty is moving on up from Fridays at 9 to the 10 p.m. slot Wednesday night.

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows. Her life is so relatable to mine sometimes. My favorite moment of the season was when new Betty addition, Adam Rodriguez (as Hilda's ex-boyfriend Bobby and Betty's long-time crush - good choice girls), told Betty not to let people put her in a box.

For those of you who haven't seen the show in a while, he was talking about not letting people's idea of you limit what you think about yourself and what you can do. So true and a great lesson. I love watching Adam Rodriguez. (I basically used to watch CSI: Miami because of him. So hot!) I hope he makes cameos for the rest of the season even if it's just to drive Justin to school or say "hi" to Hilda.

I'm also super-excited to see ... *spoiler alert* ... what happens when Wilhelmina returns to Mode - will she steal Mark back from Daniel, how Hilda handles her pregnancy - will she or will she not tell Bobby it's his baby, and will Betty and Matt's relationship survive her getting her head hit by the elevator doors - who else saw that in the previews. Ouch. Plus when will Betty get her braces off?

So many questions and we won't have to wait long for the answers. Who else is excited to see the show tonight?

(photos from abc.com)

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