05 January 2010

Gleeks in Italia

MC Hammer and Robin Thicke aren't the only ones with flash mobs. To spread the good word of Glee, a group of gleeks danced to a medley from the show's soundtrack in Rome's Galleria Alberto Sordi a few days before the Italian Glee premiere.

I love the holiday shoppers' faces as they look on. Imagine your last minute holiday shopping trip being interrupted by a flash mob. Have you ever seen a flash mob? Better yet, if you've ever been part of a flash mob, tell me how you came to be a part of it and what the experience was like.

This makes me miss the show even more. We won't have any new episodes until April. Oy vey.

(screenshot from FoxTV)

1 comment:

Kat said...

aHhhh love this!!! i want to try that one day!! oh i miss glee :(