31 January 2010

Grammys 2010 ... The Aftermath

After Lady GaGa and Elton John took to the stage for an epic opening performance, music's biggest night grew a little dull. The highlights of the night for me were Kings of Leon's win, Justin Bieber's swagger, the Jackson children, and unnecessary censorship.

Now here's how it all went down ...

Whoever thought of having Lady GaGa and Elton John perform together is a genius. How epic was it to see Elton John rockin' that orbit earring!

After warning his daughter to "stay away from Katy Perry," Stephen Colbert announced "Justin Timberlake may have brought the sexy back, but this year Susan Boyle sent it away again." Poor SuBo. Luckily Beyoncé performed soon after and brought it back again ... until she grabbed her crotch.

Excuse me, sexy has arrived.

GreenDay performed with the cast of American Idiot the Musical. Even my favorite thespian (hey Bway!) doesn't understand the point of the show. Moving on ...

As P!nk started to perform, everyone on Twitter started to admit they have a girl crush on her. Then she stripped down to a leotard and had us in awe as she sang live while playing aerialist and human sprinkler.

The Zac Brown Band took home the award for Best New Artist. I'm still surprised Lady GaGa and La Roux weren't included in this category. So weird. At least Kings of Leon won Record of the Year. Use Somebody is brilliant! If you haven't listened to KoL before, start now. I loved when Nathan said, "I'm not gonna lie, we're all a little drunk, but we're happy drunk." So honest. I also loved when he ended with "whoever else I forgot, I'll buy you shots afterwards." I didn't hear him mention GRAE New York, did you?

The Black Eyed Peas did it up Club Iona style (don't ask) with an army of robots. At the end of the performance will.i.am said, "Welcome to the future!" Later on Jamie Foxx set us back a few decades in what my Twitter friend called a "confederate army uniform" while he did the running man. He apologized to Jay-Z for all the autotune, but I wish he had apologized for the horrendous performance.

One of my favorite moments of the night was Justin Bieber presenting with Ke$ha. This was the matchup of all matchups. My friends were all, "Ke$ha's on something right?" while I was busy quoting Bieber: "Sorry, Beyoncé's just always on my mind."

Bieber's got swagger for days. Damn. And see, it totally pays off. Nathan forget the shots, get me a swagger coach dude. I have my eyes on a Timberlake.

My favorite part of the MJ tribute performance was when the camera cut to will.i.am in his 3D glasses and I said, "will.i.am's glasses go with his outfit." My mother replied, "He has his own." Zing!

The most poignant moment of the night was Paris and Prince Michael Jackson accepting their father's lifetime achievement award. Everyone was impressed with how mature and composed they were, especially Prince. I thought they looked lovely and did a great job. MJ would be so proud.

All night I told people to vote for Bon Jovi to sing It's My Life. Then the ticker read, "Bon Jovi, the fans want Living on a Prayer," and I tweeted, "this fan DOES NOT, but I'll settle."

I kind of wanted T.I. and Justin Timberlake to win for Rap/Sung Collaboration since it was JT's birthday, but Run This Town is a far better choice. Plus Beyoncé's adorable nephew Julez got some camera time. I loved when he said "no thanks" after Rihanna used all her strength to lift him up to the mic. Oh kids. RiRi should have told him to wish JT a happy birthday. (Sidenote: Happy 29th JT!)

I never heard of Jeff Beck before, but his performance was really good. Imelda May's voice was so cool. I'll definitely look into them more in the future.

This is Imelda in case you were wondering.

I'm not sure what Quentin Tarantino was wearing, but is it just me or did he have some shots with Kings of Leon backstage?

The censors were on full force for the Lil Wayne/Eminem/Drake performance. I think much of it was unnecessary. The Grammys censors like 3 lines for one word. As Drake hugged Lil Wayne and Eminem my mom said, "He's so tall." I replied, "I'd date Drake just so I could wear like 10 inch heels."

The 2010 Grammys ended with one of the most coveted awards, Album of the Year. I was Team GaGa. I don't know how T-Swift won. She writes good songs, but she can't really sing. Where's Kanye when you need him, seriously.

Now let's play fashion police ...

I liked the detailing on Beyoncé's dresss, but I think it was too long.
I would have cut it right above the knee.

Whoever dressed Britney Spears should be fired. She should have just worn a black leotard and called it a day because this just looks bad.

Fergie's been looking awesome on the red carpet lately. Britney needs to hire whoever Fergie has in her arsenal.

Jennifer Hudson proves you don't have to be a size 2 to wear a Victoria Beckham design. Love this on her!

J.Lo's dress looked like it was having a fight over if it was a minidress or a floor-length dress. At least her makeup and hair looked good, and Marc Anthony looked hot.

I've been on the Joe Jonas bandwagon for years, but my friends are just realizing how hot he is. I loved his jacket and glasses.
Bieber may have swagger, but Joe has style.

I wasn't feeling Katy Perry's dress, but I did like Russell Brand in grey. Extra style points for having his shirt unbuttoned á la Tom Ford.

Lady GaGa's giallo hair was back at the Grammys. I thought her outfit was toned down by GaGa standards.

Lea Michele looked gorgeous! If you're going to present with sexy Ricky Martin, this is the dress you wear. Smart girl. (Sidenote: Someone get Ricky on Glee!)

Miley Cyrus looked good in Herve Leger.

My new favorite, Olivia Munn, looked gorgeous in pink.

P!nk and Carey Hart proved that two people can arrive at an award show together and look good. J.Lo, Katy, take note please.

I give Ricky Martin's jacket a thumbs up. I hope he has a new album out soon.

Now that's how you pose. Work it Rihanna!

No, it's not Superman, it's the Situation!

I wasn't too pleased with Taylor Swift getting Album of the Year, but I was impressed with her outfit.

My award for most hilarious photo of the night goes to
will.i.am and the Jonas Brothers.

They look like they're at a museum talking to a statue, lol.

(photos from JustJared, TwitPic, and Yahoo! News)

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