25 January 2010

Les Celebutantes 1.25.09

I haven't blogged since last Tuesday. You know what that means - a new semester is upon us. Two of my classes were cancelled last minute resulting in a very hectic Wednesday morning searching for two classes to fill my schedule. The end result was an 8 am class that hopefully won't be a repeat of everything I've learned over the past four years and another class with one of my favorite professors. Let me stop ranting now since what you're really here for is to read about celebrities and the lives they lead. Let's go.

The Men's Fall 2010 shows are well underway in Europe. I haven't had time to check out the shows yet, but this story keeps surfacing everywhere I look. Chris Brown was in attendance for Jean Paul Gaultier's show. My favorite part of the story is this photo which features Gaultier with a bloody and bruised face standing next to a beaming Brown. There are no words people. There are no words.

For the past few weeks, the most popular GRAE New York post has been Pauly D's Hair 101. Pauly isn't the only Jersey Shore cast member with a much sought-after hairdo. Snooki's pouf, or "Snookit" as she calls it, has garnered as much attention as the blowout. In this US Magazine video, Snooki shows how to get her infamous hairstyle. (Click the screenshot to see the video.)

Umm, I think this works better when you have thicker hair like Snooki's. If you try it and it works, report back in the comments section please. If you want me to post pictures of your "Snookit," email graenewyork@gmail.com.

Before the Jersey Shore cast fist pumped their way into our hearts, the media focused on that other MTV Show The Hills. The only cast member from that seemingly ancient show that gets any attention these days is Heidi Montag. The girl's bought herself some new girls ... again ... along with a whole laundry list of cosmetic surgery procedures.

I'm not all that crazy about her new look, but I am loving headlines like these:

Huffington Post: Heidi Montag Tries To Move Her Face, Can't (VIDEO)

Daily Intel: On Top of Everything, Heidi Montag Can’t Move Her Face

If you've ever peeped my inbox, you've seen how many newsletters are emailed to me daily. Scary right? It can sometimes take me hours to go through each message if I decide not to delete most of them to save time. Last week To Write Love on Her Arms sent me an update which included a link to a video with Joaquin Phoenix and Miley Cyrus. I must admit, Joaquin's lack of unkempt hair and a full beard distracted me. Apparently that hip hop album he "recorded" is coming out soon. I wonder if he's acting again.

When you turned 16, what was your first car? Most of my friends were given their parents' or siblings' old cars. If my mother hadn't sold her '93 Nissan Altima, I would have inherited it. Have you ever wondered what kind of cars celebrities give their kids? Well Diddy just gave his 16 year old son Justin a $360,000 Maybach. Yes, a Maybach - one of the most luxurious (and expensive) cars ever. I'd expect nothing less from a mogul who changes his nickname every other day.

(Photos from The Cut, People, PopEater)

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