07 January 2010

Les Celebutantes 1.7.10

A week into the new year and celeb gossip's already overflowing the rumor mill.

As the clock struck midnight, Rihanna rocked Abu Dhabi in fishnets and bondage - leggings, pants, whatever - similar to her bondage jumpsuit from the AMAs.

It was previously reported that she had to cover up for the performance so those reports were either false or her outfit was preapproved.

Never one to disappoint fashion-wise, Jennifer Lopez worked it out in Times Square in a sheer catsuit and what I'm dawning "the hair jacket."

Down in Miami (where it seems everyone who wasn't in Vegas rung in 2K10), Lady GaGa debuted her giallo hair. And yes I used giallo, the Italian word for yellow, because GaGa's of Italian descent.

In other GaGa news, a 29-year-old Chinese man named Veik is getting recognition for his D.I.Y. Lady GaGa Barbie creations.

For those of you waiting for more Lady G and B collaboration videos, rejoice! GaGa and Beyoncé will be filming the video for Telephone in LA on January 28. Hopefully it will be better than the one for Video Phone which gave my friends and me dizzy spells and inappropriate dance moves to reenact. You know what I'm talking about B.

To promote Youth in Revolt, out tomorrow, Michael Cera has been hanging out with the Jersey Shore cast. How genius is that! What other youths are in revolt (and in the press) these days more than the JS cast? Think about it.

I love Pauly D playing hair stylist.

Since I'm on the subject of Jersey Shore, how can I not talk about The Situation. I was on Gawker over the weekend and came across this gem called "The Complete List of Body-Part Nicknames."

I must draw attention to Sitch's Armani Exchange underwear. Why's he wearing underwear under his swim trunks. Do guys do that?

After her widely reported suicide attempt last month, Alexa Ray Joel took to her Facebook to say that she's devoting much of this year to learning about "Heartbreak-Related Depression." She will even be going back to school to study Psychology. I like her determination. Stay strong girl!

Ever since Tila Tequila's fiancé Casey Johnson died earlier this week, Tila's been dealing with some media backlash about her many tweets about the situation. I don't find her tweets excessive. People deal with grief in different ways and the internet's always been Tila's outlet to speak her mind. Why should now be any different?

All is well in the Justin Timberlake camp. (And no, I did not write that just so I could post this photo.) In JT-related news, one of my mom's favorite K-Pop artists, Drunken Tiger, posted a TwitVid of his nearly two-year-old son Jordan jamming to Sexy Back. Who else thinks he'll be involved in the industry in 20 years?

And now for couples news:

Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves gave birth to their second child/first daughter, Vita McConaughey. Doesn't big brother Levi look excited and adorable in his Longhorns jersey tee!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban took daughter Sunday Rose to the zoo where she fed giraffes.

Madonna and Jesus Luz take a cue from Ashlee and Pete Wentz and covered their faces in NYC. I know the city's undergone a bitter cold spell, but do they really need to cover their faces like this? It just draws more attention to them.

New couple alert! Rihanna is dating LA Dodger Matt Kemp. Apparently he was spotted at her NYE show in Abu Dhabi and here they are together in Cabo this week.

For those of you who are Yankee-centric like myself, here are Kemp's stats:
25 years old, 6'2", outfielder, from Oklahoma

Young, tall and from the midwest - I approve! Any guy on Torre's team is okay with me.

In "are they" or "aren't they a couple" news, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner both attended last night's People Choice Awards. They didn't sit together, but he won Breakout Movie Actor and she stood up and clapped for him. I like Lautner, but I wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt to win. The end.

Is it just me or is everyone getting engaged or married?
  • Vince Vaughn wed Kyla Weber on Saturday in Chicago.
  • Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese are now engaged.
  • 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski and designer boyfriend Robert Godley are also engaged.
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand are rumored to be engaged. Not sure if this rumor's true or not, but he's said to have proposed to her at the base of a mountain in India. I like these two together. It just makes sense to me.
Now these couples know how to kick off the new year!

You know who knows how to end the year on a high note, Kevin Jonas. He and his wife Danielle graced the cover of last week's People.

Speaking of their People cover, on Monday my mom and I were on line in Stop & Shop and flipped through K.Jo's wedding pics as we waited. As we did the self check out and bagged groceries, a mother and tween daughter were behind us on line.

After seeing her daughter looking at the People pics, the mother yelled at her daughter. Then she asked how old K.Jo was and said he was dumb for getting married so young. And then she asked who the girl he married is to which the daughter responded with a shrug. Bitter divorcée anyone?

Anyway, the pic of Joe getting down to Single Ladies alone is worth a peek inside if your Stop & Shop hasn't already replaced K.Jo's cover issue with that annoying Kate Gosselin/extensions one.

Speaking of the Jonas crew, Nick's so talented. Check him out covering Fireflies and Use Somebody. So good!

Of course I can't not mention Joe after bringing up Kevin and Nick. Joe's single and thinks Daniel Craig's the best Bond ever. No he doesn't want to date Daniel Craig, he just wants to work with him. Now I wouldn't mind dating Joe or being a Bond girl. See, we have tons in common. Now who'll set us up in 2K10?

And now for random facts of the day about the girl with the most digital sales from a female ever: Ke$ha.
  • Did you know she was on The Simple Life?

  • Did you know she was in the I Kissed a Girl video?

This is like when J.Lo was in Janet Jackson's That's the Way Love Goes. And on that note, this post comes full circle.

(photos from Just Jared, Just Jared Jr., Celebuzz, Examiner, Gawker and Flickr)

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There's nothing wrong with a guy wearing underwear under their swim trunks. I know many guys who use to do that, and I also do it myself.