09 January 2010

Movie Must-Have: The Rebel

Who doesn't love a movie rebel? James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club. Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. How rebellious (and hot) were they!

In this Rotten Tomatoes episode, the hosts conclude which classic movie rebels are still cool.

Do you agree with them?

  • I'm completely on board the James Dean = forever young and always cool train.
  • Although mainstream kids like Miley Cyrus have been rocking fingerless gloves to be "edgy," I think Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club is still cool. He has that whole plaid-grunge thing going on that's in now.
  • John Travolta in Grease, umm, not that cool anymore. That falsetto is a little frightening.
  • Although I've never really seen Footloose in full (the plot doesn't make sense to me), I'm going to say no to this one. If you can't keep me interested in your movie, you've failed at being a rebel. Sorry Kevin Bacon.
  • Oh Ferris Beuller - it's hard to believe that such a calm guy like Matthew Broderick played this "too cool for school" icon. Guess that's why I also agree that he's still cool.

Now can somebody please tell me why Johnny Castle didn't make this list!

Just look at him in all black lying like a rebel, showing off those guns. Tell me how that's not cool.

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