02 January 2010

Not So 'Hard' to Choose My 2010 Song.

Every year I choose the first song I hear post-midnight as my song of the year. Last year my song was Ryan Star's Right Now. As you can tell from the above photo (and post title), this year's song is Rihanna's Hard.

After the ball dropped, they showed Rihanna's performance of it on Carson Daly's NBC New Year's show. Right after I went online to revamp GRAE New York, and it was the first song that popped up on the music player. Hearing it back-to-back, I think someone was trying to tell me something.

I'm glad this is my song of the year. It inspires me to be fierce and fearless as I get ready to graduate in May and enter the unknown. So fitting. I love Rihanna in this video. Anyone who matches her lipstick to her army tank is cool with me.

(photo from JustJared)

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