12 January 2010

One Week Without Twitter: How I Survived

Like many things in my life, it all started because of a guy with a guitar. Oh @johncmayer, why do I follow you?

At the end of last year John Mayer tweeted that he was going on a digital cleanse and giving up the micro-blogging site for the first week of 2010. Since I've been an avid Twitter user since the summer of '08, I decided if he could do it so could I. Plus I had started to forget what life was like before my musings about life were limited to 140 characters.

So how did I do? I found myself with more time to do stuff that I never usually get to do, probably because I spend so much time on Twitter. I revamped GRAE New York for the New Year (you like?) and found things to blog about. I read old newsletters I had been meaning to read for months. I played Farmville, YoVille, Street Racing and Diva Life on Facebook. I caught up on movies like 17 Again and The Ugly Truth. I even went through all my bookmarks on Firefox and Google Chrome and deleted the unnecessary ones! Yup, I was very productive during my digital cleanse.

I'm not going to lie, at first I was nervous that I was missing out on major messages from fellow tweeters. When I logged on after the cleanse, the only thing I saw I had missed was a reply from Soundmaster T to a tweet I had sent him back in December.

Now yes, technically Mayer had other guidelines for the cleanse that I didn't follow so well. He said to stay off social networking sites while I played a Facebook game, or four. He said not to visit entertainment/gossip sites, but I had a blog to write so I had to ignore that one. And he said not to text anyone ... actually I did do this one. This was kind of easy since a majority of my texts are either to Twitter or my classmates. Since I have no school and I couldn't be on Twitter, I had no need to text.

As soon as the clock struck January 9, I was back to tweeting my life away in under 140 characters. The main thing I missed about Twitter was my ability to tweet and TwitPic the world around me whenever I saw fit. For example, I saw a guy in Stop & Shop who looked just like Hill Harper. If I had had the ability to tweet, you certainly would have seen a TwitPic of him. Maybe you would have figured out for me if it was really Hill Harper or not, even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't him since the guy worked at the supermarket.

I don't know if I'll ever go on a digital cleanse again, but if a guy with a guitar is involved, you never know.

If you went on the John Mayer digital cleanse, how did you pass the time sans-Twitter? Did you follow all his guidelines?

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