07 January 2010

There Go the Holidays ...

Yesterday was Three Kings Day. You know what that means - the holiday season is officially over! The tree in Rockefeller Center's coming down. Valentine's Day goodies have replaced stocking stuffers in stores.

I don't know anyone who was that ecstatic about Christmas this year. It must be the recession. I was kind of bored and spent a lot of the day online, IMing, texting and tweeting. I see why people take destination vacations for the holidays. It totally beats sitting around the house bored out of your mind. Hopefully I'll get a job this year so I too can be one of those people having some fun in the sun for the holidays.

I didn't see this Colbie Caillat/Jason Mraz performance of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas until last week, but if I had seen it earlier, it would have totally made my Christmas a whole lot merrier.

(photo from rockefellercenter.com)

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