18 January 2010

Who's Your "Will You Marry Me?" Couple

Have you voted for your favorite couple in Essence Magazine's Will You Marry Me contest? I did.

I'm Team Andre & Genine. They're from Yonkers, NY so they're practically from my hometown. Their story is so cute, and they totally deserve their dream wedding. Check it out below.

Andre Roache, 33, lives in Yonkers with his fiance Genine, 39. The two were set-up by one of his co-workers, who saw he was ready for a serious relationship. They've been together for three years strong. Their first date was on April Fool's Day, so they always return to the same date spot every April 1st. He credits her for helping him grow as a man. He's starting his own non-emergency medical transportation business and she's a billing coordinator. She has a 20-year-old son, whom he adores.

I'm glad Genine has a sense of humor. Some women would have slammed the door in poor Andre's face even if was just a little April Fool's Day stunt.

Head over to the Will You Marry Me? website and choose your own favorite couple. If that just happens to be Andre & Genine, all the better for them. (And remember, you could win a trip to Maui if you vote.)

** I have been hired by Warner Bros WB Word division to raise awareness for Essence's Will You Marry Me? contest. **

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