01 January 2010

You've Been Biebered

Where Justin Bieber goes, the tween screams follow. I totally get it. That voice. That swagger. That hair. If I was a 15-year-old girl I'd be all over him like he was Jesse McCartney.

This Canadian 15 year old seemed to come out of nowhere and was suddenly everywhere in the last half of '09 thanks to Usher. Bieber went from being a hit on YouTube to having four hits on the Top 100. I didn't realize how talented he was until I randomly came across these videos of him singing a Cry Me a River cover and an original song. I was instantly impressed not only with his vocals, but with how well he's able to sing with emotion.

See for yourself.

Cry Me a River (Cover)

Where Are You Now

Isn't he good! Face it, you've just been Biebered.

(photo from NY Times)

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