20 February 2010

As I Watch Music Videos ...

... a lot of thoughts run through my head. In the past few weeks some good ones have premiered. Here's what I was thinking.

Rihanna - Rude Boy

These shoes remind of the ones in Gwen Stefani's video ... you know the one.

Love her dancehall moves and rasta-colored fringe bottoms.

Very MIA/Santigold inspired.

Uh, watcha lookin' at RiRi?

Why yes, that's a LaQuan Smith original catsuit.

Andy Warhol would be proud.

This hand move is what everyone always remembers when you mention this video. And is that G-Shock watch product placement? Now that's crafty.

Somebody's been doing her yoga. And notice the "Rude Boy" writing in the background.

Did she always have that lip ring?

I want a drum set too.

This is like when JT leaned on Ciara in the Love Sex Magic video.

It took me like 5 replays before I noticed the "LOVE" in the background.

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be Rockin' That Body

Taboo looks thrilled.

More screen time for Taboo, yay!

Is this scene done yet? I wanna hear some music. Hmm, interesting plant pin on will.i.am's jacket.

Is she lying on the pavement or that cape looking thing because that pavement looks hot.

Oh hello product placement for BMW.

I wish they would have danced during this part of the song instead of sitting in a flying car that's being chased by a robot.

Which do you rather - Taboo's top half or his bottom half?

Oh, there go those washing machine dancer costumes ... and another robot. What is this, Transformers 3: The Rise of BEP?

I swear that boy in the red is wearing my high school senior sweater.

Oh look, more BMW product placement.

Fergie being captured by the robot is very King Kong circa 3008.

Who says robots can't break dance?

Never fear, BEP is here! That's so the tag line of Transformers 3: The Rise of BEP

Paramore - The Only Exception

Quick, someone do a handwriting analysis on Hayley!

I feel like my mom had a car like that in the 80s.

Someone had a good Valentine's Day.

That lip color looks great on her!

Is this Chace Crawford?

No wait, is this Chace Crawford?

Wearing black to an all-white wedding is no reason to leave Hayley.

I wish I was a rockstar so I could get away with Hayley's hair color.

I want pink sneakers too.

I want a boyfriend who looks like a cute rockstar when he's sleeping.

Timbaland & Justin Timberlake - Carry Out

Fist pump!

Look at J rockin' that William Rast tee!

Threes are the new perfect ten!

JT: Come see me. Me: Okay.

Such a baller.

This reminds me of the time he was all gangsta with it in the Girlfriend video.

This reminds me of the My Love video. I wonder if it's the same girl.

What kind of hat is that? I want it.

Aww, look at JT fist pumping again. Oh wait, is that Timbaland? I totally forgot he was in this ... just kidding ... not really.

Where do I get those shoes?

I've seen this girl in another video. But which one?

Was this headphone scene really necessary?

This boy better come out with a new album this year.

Justin Bieber - Baby

Why's Drake there? Is that Tinashe from The Stunners?

Why is this boy rolling across the pool table? It would have been easier to jump up and walk two steps lazy.

Bieber stole my signature move!

Ludacris, I don't think choking Bieber will win you over with the tween set.

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