23 February 2010

How to Make It in America - Episode 2 Recap

A Crisp recap:

This episode finds our heroes Ben and Cam once again partying with Cudi Domingo. Once morning comes the boys are up and out hustling to find a manufacturer, or at least Ben is. Domingo would rather go back to bed with his brunette friend instead of hustle.

Ben returns to his old FIT stomping grounds to tell his former professor about his denim company -- it's called Crisp and is inspired by the 70s when hip hop and punk rock were born and he was not. His professor notes that the 70s were far less glamorous and complete with a hooker-filled Times Square and a "dump" now known as Central Park.

Now here's are some lessons we can all learn from this week's ep:

- never take a night off, you might miss something
- go to LA if you want to make denim
- don't trust a man pitching Rasta Monster Bingo Night
- roll when an OG tells you to roll
- OGs consider Yonkers a nice place
- secret to sewing jeans = cool pockets
- get peoples in every borough
- don't get denim manufacturer intel from a rival denim company
- don't compare yourself to others
- don't have dinner with the ex you're still not over
- don't let your father being a Dominican mechanic stop you
- use your friends to meet John Varvatos
- accept a cocktail invite if John Varvatos offers
- toast John Varvatos if he invites you for cocktails; you may score an invite to his studio
- don't make ugly sk8 decks; OGs will hold them over your head forever
- even OGs know who John Varvatos is
- even OGs like skinny jeans
- pretend you're just kidding when the head of John Varvatos' denim operations thinks you're kidding
- you need a pattern maker to make samples
- manufacturers take care of the production line when you get orders
- don't let the head of John Varvatos' denim operations crush your dreams

And for those of you wondering, Lee Quinones is a real graffiti artist. Check out his site.

(photos from Facebook and Automobile Mag)

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