16 February 2010

Jared's Cube is Back!

Jared's Cube is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I found it last year and was instantly hooked. Jared scours the web for interesting news stories, blogs and music to share with his viewers. If you've been a GRAE New Yorker since last year, you should remember when GNY got a mention. (Thanks again Jared!)

As a mass comm student who's always being told by her professors to pay attention to the media, Jared makes my job a whole lot easier. Plus who doesn't love a cute host who drinks lots of coffee.

After last summer Jared went on hiatus, but now he's back and better than ever. Enjoy his latest videos here and head over to YouTube to subscribe. Tell him GRAE sent you!

Kevin Smith plane, fat, SEXY

Johnny Depp trailer trash not DEAD

M.I.A. leaked Taco Bell dead

Avatar is just a F%*King movie!!!

Avatar sex but no fatties

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