23 February 2010

Jeremy Danté Streams Burberry F10 Show TODAY (2.23)

I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Danté's fashion blog. This season Jeremy has partnered with Burberry to stream the Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection on his website.

Today (Feb. 23) at 4 p.m. GMT (London Time), go to jeremydante.blogspot.com to watch. For you east coasters, that's 11 a.m. For those of you on the west coast, that's 8 a.m.

Of course the school gods are against me and I'll be in film class watching a samurai film instead, so for those of you watching the runway show, tweet me (@graenewyork) and let me know how it went. Also be sure to thank Jeremy (@jeremydante) for bringing you the show.

(photo from Jeremy Danté newsletter)

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jeremy danté said...

thank you very much for all the support; i appreciate it to no end. well wishes to you in all future endeavors.