01 February 2010

Les Celebutantes 2.1.10

January is officially over! I can't believe it went by so fast. Did you stick with your New Year's resolutions? If not, it's a new month, just start over. Now let's ring in February with a little celebrity news.

In 10 days New York Fashion Week kicks off for the last time in Bryant Park, so let's start with a look at what celebrities have been wearing.

At the Edge of Darkness premiere, Joe Jonas rocked a plaid suit. Yahoo! OMG hates it. I love it. What do you think?

Dita Von Teese looks like a porcelain doll at the Fashion Dinner for AIDS event in Paris. Love her.

How stunning did Lindsay Lohan look at the InStyle Golden Globes Afterparty?

While I'd wear Lindsay's outfit from head to toe, the same can't be said about Kelis' outfit. Channeling her inner Lady GaGa, Kelis recently stepped out in her Alexander McQueen shoes at the Data Awards in LA. While I am a shoe girl, I'd rather not get a twisted ankle so I'd only rock the tailored jacket.

Some shoes I wouldn't mind slipping into if my feet were a bit smaller are Zahara's. Work those high-knee boots girl!

I like Amber Rose's style. One day she's half-naked and the next day she's covered from head to toe. Now that's versatility. Her man Kanye also knows how to switch it up. Watch as he transitions from bling-covered loafers to combat boots while wearing the same jacket.

The first season of Jersey Shore may be over, but you can still rock a GTL shirt like Katy Perry.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have the coolest street style. Check out Drew's two-tone Chucks. So cute.

When I saw Justin Timberlake in this photo, I said, "aww, look at him with a stylish man bag." (For those of you following me on Twitter, that's what I was talking about Saturday afternoon.) Now this isn't just any man bag. It's a Louis Vuitton and as sexy as the singer carrying it.

You know who looks like Justin Timberlake - Matt Morrison. Even the Access Hollywood crew took note of it at the SAG awards.

Here's Matt on the set of Glee hugging Diana Arragon (lucky girl) and high-fiving some guy (lucky guy).

Speaking of people who look alike, has anyone ever noticed how much Ryan Phillippe and Kellan Lutz resemble each other? I may just have to write a script in which these two play brothers.

People say my mother and I look alike, but I think Carey Mulligan and her mom have us beat.

I've seen some really good wax figures from Madame Tussauds, but this one of Heidi Klum just does not do her justice. I thought she was posing with another model or an extra-smiley Kate Bosworth. What do you think?

At a G'Day USA event, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman honored Mentalist star Simon Baker. Don't you love Nicole dancing?

Simon's not the only one receiving accolades. Anne Hathaway was this year's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year. Here she is at the Hasty Pudding Parade. Only 4 more days until it's Justin Timberlake's turn to receive the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award. Do you think they'll drive him down the street in the same fiery red Bentley as Anne?

Proving every kid needs a swagger coach, here's Justin Bieber planting a kiss on Rihanna.

He later tweeted, "Thanks for refreshing the lipstick mark @rihanna."

P.S. Notice where his right hand is. Hopefully the next photo in the Bieber-RiRi series won't look like this:

Has anyone figured out what exactly Adam Lambert and Pam Anderson were doing here?

I haven't seen Vampire Diaries since the first episode, but I hear Sean Faris is currently guest starring. I haven't seen him in ages. Where's he been? (Sidenote: What's going on in this photo?)

Also in the "Where's he been?" files, I came across this Sundance portrait of Kevin Zegers and TwitPic'd, "Every few years I remember how hot Kevin Zegers is. This is one of those moments." My friend responded, "He is beautiful. They need to put him on a tween soap opera or movies other than Air Bud sequels!" Agreed.

In sporting news, earlier this month Chris Pine was caught staring at a Laker girl and Beckham was caught with his pants down.

Roger Federer's tournament wins turned sweet 16 at the Australian Open.

Ryan Phillippe got a little jog in as he crossed an LA street a few days ago. That man can wear anything and look good.

Is stargazing considered a sport because it should be.

(photos from JustJared, Yahoo! OMG, Katy Perry Brasil, and Yahoo! Sports)

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