15 February 2010

OMG, 'Gossip Girl' Returns in March

Over winter break I blogged about how bored I was that Gossip Girl was on hiatus. I'm still bored on Monday nights, but alas I have received the date I have been waiting for. On March 8 new GG episodes will commence.

From the looks of the trailer, much madness has been brewing on the Upper East Side since we last saw them:
  • Serena & Nate are taking things "slow"
  • Chuck thinks that "whore may be [his] mother"
  • Rufus accuses Lily of sleeping with her ex-husband (not Bass; remember he's dead unlike Chuck's subconscious would like us to believe ... plus they never divorced)
  • V is pulling a Britney/Lindsay/Paris circa 2007 and feels the need to share with Dan
  • Rufus doesn't want Jenny hanging out with drug dealers ... umm, isn't Chuck her brother?
  • Serena's giving Jenny sisterly advice on losing her v-card
  • Jenny's ignoring Serena's sisterly advice on losing her v-card

Remmeber to mark March 8 on your calendar. It looks like the rest of this season's going to be an even wilder ride than the first half.

(photo from JustJared)

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