14 February 2010

This Modern Love

The Armani Exchange take on modern love.

I know Valentine's Day is considered a greeting card holiday by many, but I think it's more than that. Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate our love for our friends, family, significant other and self. I've put together a digital collage of my favorite love-related links, videos and more. Enjoy.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love Links:

Elle.com has a collection of videos called Modern Love with five celebrity couples. It's really fun to watch and hear them talk about modern love and their relationships.

Love Music:

Bloc Party - This Modern Love

This is the song that was in the Elle.com videos. I'm sort of obsessed with it now.

John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland

How can you not think about love when you hear a John Mayer song.

Ben Deignan - Touch

I actually discovered Ben Deignan while looking for John Mayer covers. Here's my favorite of his original songs.

Justin Timberlake - Future Sex/Love Sound

The title of this song says it all.

Love Friends & Family:

Miles away from the ones you love? Why not send them an e-card. Here are four fun ones from Perez Hilton. Visit cocoperez.com to send them to your loved ones.

Love Dance:

I'm a huge Patrick Swayze fan. His role in Dirty Dancing is the reason I love dance. Here's a video I found of him and his wife, Lisa Niemi, performing at the World Music Awards in 1994. They look so in love. I hope we can all find our soul mates like they found theirs.

Love Underwear:

Who doesn't love personalized underwear? Check out cafepress.com to get yours now.

Love Comedy:

Since he's no longer dating Katy Perry, I wonder if Travie will use these tips to get himself a new Valentine.

Love Art:

In NYC for the day? Take a trip to to see Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE sculpture on 6th and 55th.

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