22 March 2010

"Best of All Worlds SXSW Showcase Mixtape" ... Yes, It's Free

If there was one thing I did religiously over spring break, it was listening to a lot of Mike Posner tracks. In addition to him being a good artist, I find it interesting that, like myself, he's finishing up his senior year and prepping to graduate. Last night I watched his web series One Foot Out The Door, also the name of his mixtape (available here), that follows him as he finishes school and begins the start of a great career.

At the end of each webisode was the website Elitaste. I checked it out and found the Best of All Worlds SXSW Showcase Mixtape. It's fun, it's fresh and it's free! In addition to Posner, it features some of my fave artists like Travie McCoy, 2AM Club and Asher Roth.

Check out the tracklisting:

1) Mike Posner “Cooler Than Me (Skeet Skeet Remix)”
2) edIT (Glitch Mob) & Wale “Freaxxx (Scratches By DJ AM)”
3) Tinie Tempah & Chiddy Bang “Pass Out Remix”
4) Outasight & Asher Roth “Catch Me If You Can Remix”
5) Chiddy Bang “Opposite Of Adults”
6) Kelley James “Victory”
7) Freddie Gibbs “Youz A Hoe”
8) Paper Route Gangstaz “Gotta Make This Move”
9) Curren$y “Nothing But Us”
10) Fly Gypsy “2 Step”
11) Kevin Jack “Super Badd”
12) Shawn Christopher “Like A Kid Again”
13) J. Cole “Lights Please (XV Remix)”
14) 2AM Club “Worry About You”
15) All Out “It’s Loud”
16) Bad Rabbits & Travis McCoy “Girl I’m Like Damn”
17) 2AM Club “Nobodys In Love (Xaphoon Jones Remix)”
18) Mike Posner “Open Up Your Eyes (Discotech & Gigamesh Remix)”
19) XV & Mike Posner “Mirror’s Edge (DJ DStar Remix)”
20) Estate “Write (Gigamesh Remix)”
21) All Out “Lights”
22) Benzi feat. Chester French & PRGZ “Sometimes I Ask Myself”
23) Wale, Black Cobain, & Fattrel “Who Don’t”
24) Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade”
25) Freddie Gibbs “Cash, Hoes, & Labels”
26) Kid Sister “Daydreaming (Jakwob Remix)

Did I mention it's free? Get it now!

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