04 March 2010

Drake's "Far From Over"

I just noticed that Drake is a trending topic on Twitter right now. I also noticed that Necole Bitchie tweeted, "DJ khaled has played drakes new song atleast 8 times this hour." (Excuse the errors. It's her tweet, not mine.)

Eight times seemed like overkill, so of course I had to hear this for myself. Thanks to magic, okay YouTube, here's Drake's new track Over.

Anyone who manages to work "Jada Pinkett" and "Rosetta Stone" into the same verse as "all I need's the fucking red jacket with some zippers" is alright with me.

How hot is the hook! I like that Drake addresses those people who suddenly cling onto you when you become famous. If you're not careful they can distract you from what you initially set out to do.

One of my favorite lines from the second verse that I totally relate to is, "I'm really too young to be feeling this old." Don't you feel like that sometimes? Oh life.

And if you're wondering where the photo up top is from, I saw it in a GQ featurette about finding a proper-fitting dress shirt. Yup, Jimmy Brooks has officially gone GQ on us! There's also a little Q&A with Drake. My favorite part is when the interviewer Will Welch asks, "So how do you connect with all your fans, from teen girls to Jay-Z?" Drake replies, "I say bitch and shit like that, but I'm parent-approved. Parents are like, 'That's an intelligent young man, that Drake.'" Doesn't he have a way with words? That's what happens when you start off your career on Degrassi babe. He's so far from over and I love it.

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