25 March 2010

Gardening for the Non-Green Thumb Stylish Set

I live in an apartment where plants just don't grow well. If I want to garden I go to my friend's house and help tame her plants (hey K!), or I play Farmville. For those of you who'd rather wear a garden than plant one, look no further than H&M.

H&M's new Garden Collection is full of pieces that will make you feel like you're living in a field of flowers this spring.

Here are my top 10 must-haves from the collection:

I love this print, and the ruffles at the side are so pretty! You definitely won't be feeling the winter blues in this dress.

I think this would make a really good prom dress, or you could even save it for next Valentine's Day. See, I'm always thinking ahead.

Like the first look I showed, the side ruffle detailing looks great, especially in this shade of blue.

This is my favorite piece from the collection. I hope they have it in my size next time I go to H&M.

Another piece with this print. Perfect when you need that extra pop of color in your life.

Such a cute jacket. You could pair this with the matching dress above for a little cover-up or with a nice t-shirt, jeans and heels ensemble to spice it up.

This is an easy way of getting the strong shoulder look without going overboard. You may want to wear your hair up depending on your hair length so it doesn't hide the detailing.

If you don't want to go all out with a dress in this print, try the skirt. With all the colors in it, there are so many different shirts you could pair it with.

And they said scrunchies were gone with the '90s. Lies!

If you want to feel like you're walking through a garden, these are the shoes to do it in.

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