11 March 2010

GRAE Week: A Few GRAE Reads

Yesterday afternoon I found myself in the CVS magazine aisle flipping through the current issue of Rolling Stone. (Great article on Shaun White if you're interested.) Later in the day I did a presentation about Nylon magazine for my class. As I sat at my laptop wondering what I was going to do for today's GRAE Week post, I thought I should share what I'm always reading.

Ever since my friend in high school pulled out a Nylon to show me during study hall, I've been a fan. Nylon isn't like those other women magazines that tell readers how to keep their man and how they should dress for their age. It has actual content that's interesting, fun and witty. If you've never heard of Nylon before, it's a definite must-read.

If you were to place a GQ and a Details in front of someone with the same celeb on the cover, chances are they'd reach for the GQ. I'd actually reach for Details. I just like it better. I feel like GQ strives so hard sometimes to be the cool authority on all-things man, but Details is just cool and unfussy.

New York Magazine
New York Magazine is great for those of us in the tri-state area. The mag's website also has really good blogs like Daily Intel, The Cut and Vulture that provide daily updates on news, fashion and entertainment. That's often where I get most of my news from on some days.

Rolling Stone
The first time I ever read Rolling Stone was when Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera shared the cover to promote the 2003 Justified and Stripped Tour. I loved the frankness of the articles. Also the fact that they actually printed swear words instead of doing the whole "f&#%" thing was awesome.

Teen Vogue
Before The Hills glamourized Teen Vogue, I used to read it in my high school English class junior year. My teacher had a bunch of magazines for us to look at when we finished our tests and assignments. Teen Vogue always caught my eye in the sea of Teen People and CosmoGirl because it was so tiny and compact. The Spring Fashion issue's always my favorite. I love to see what they put in the A-Z list and what they'll use for X.

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