12 March 2010

GRAE Week: LOL for Aziz Ansari

One of my favorite things about Thursday night, other than it being the start of my weekend, is getting to watch Parks and Recreation. Tom Haverford, the would-be hustler/Parks and Rec employee, is my favorite character. What makes him so funny is that he's played by the hilarious comedian/actor Aziz Ansari.

I first saw Aziz on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year and couldn't stop laughing. A twentysomething himself, I find Aziz's humor relates more to people in my generation compared to that of older, seasoned comedians.

Aziz released his album Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening in January. I'm not one to buy comedy albums, but I got this one right away. His material ranges from Cold Stone and Kanye West to his cousins Darwish and Harris. At the end, he even comes out as his Funny People character Randy. The album's really entertaining to listen to, and I highly recommend it.

For a taste of the comedic genius that is Aziz Ansari, here's that Kimmel interview.

(photo 1 from NBC)

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