13 March 2010

GRAE Week: The Playlist

Even if I don't have headphones in my hears, I'm still replaying songs in my mind. Here are a few songs and videos I've had on repeat.

Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone
Gaga and Honey B are the Thelma and Louise of my generation.

Yuksek - Extraball ft. Amanda Blank
I have this track on heavy rotation this week thanks to Justin Timberlake's website.

Sabrina - No Rose Petals and Bubblebaths
Yes I only heard of this song because Nikki Reed and DJ Qualls are in the video. Isn't it good though?

Dakota Fanning - Cherry Bomb
Now I'm really excited to see The Runaways. Can someone give Dakota a record deal please? Justin Timberlake, where you at?

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
This is one of my fave songs from Ellie's debut album Lights.

(photo from Facebook)

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