08 March 2010

GRAE's Best Dressed: Oscars Edition

The only reason I watched the Oscars this year was to see LXD perform. Seriously. I haven't seen any of the movies nominated so I don't care who wins. (But yay Kathryn Bigelow and Hurt Locker; suck it Avatar.)

First of all, the show's way too long. If I was the producer it would be about an hour and a half shorter. No random tributes to horror movies. And as much as I love the sound of Morgan Freeman's voice, no describing sound editing. If someone would like to hire me to produce the 2011 Oscars, my email address is at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

Now on to the real reason people watch the Oscars ... the fashion! I felt like everyone was either in some shade of nude, blue, metallic, black, red or multi-color. Here's my top 12 best dressed.

12. Penelope Cruz
Penelope looked great in this deep shade of red. Way to go Donna Karan!

11. Zoe Saldaña
Zoe was such a standout in purple Givenchy.

10. Diane Kruger
I can't imagine anyone else but Diane Kruger in this Chanel.

9. Jennifer Lopez
Everyone has their own opinion of this Giorgio Armani Privé dress. My friend thinks it looks like bubble wrap. I think it's gorgeous, and Jennifer reminds me of Jessica Rabbit in it. Your thoughts?

8. Nicole Richie
Nicole looks very bohemian meets Old Hollywood in this Reem Acra dress. Definitely another standout.

7. Kate Winslet
I love the stitching on this YSL dress. It's so clean and perfect.

6. Carey Mulligan
I'm all about wearing black to events. What can I say, it's the New York in me. If I was going to the Oscars, I'd probably be in this Prada. The more I see Carey looking good on the red carpet, the more I forget that she's still dating my future husband. Sort of.

5. Sandra Bullock
Sandra looked ready to get her Oscar in this Marchesa.

4. Gabourey Sidibe
Gaby is such a superstar-in-the-making in her blue Marchesa. When Oprah said she skipped school to go to the Precious audition, I started wondering if school's ever kept me from going after my dreams. I'm still wondering ...

3. Cameron Diaz
Seeing Cam looking this good in Oscar de la Renta on the red carpet always makes me wish she and Justin Timberlake were still together. Sorry J. Biel.

2. Demi Moore
Answer me this, why was Demi Moore a presenter when a couple of the nominees never left their seats and could have easily taken her place. I'll tell you why. She was there not only to present, but to wear the hell out of this Atelier Versace dress. Well done Demi. Well done!

1. Zoe (and Lenny) Kravitz
How cool is this family! Lenny brought daughter Zoe as his Oscar date and they looked good! Love Lenny. Love Zoe. Love Calvin Klein for making my favorite Oscar dress. Work it Zoe!

(photos from JustJared)

1 comment:

Kat said...

Well all I know is that I want to look like Demi Moore does when I am her age. Granted I don't think I've ever looked even halfway as good as she does.

Kate Winslet = god. She is stunning and sophisticated in every sense of the word. I want to be her.

On the other hand, I think JLo looks TERRIBLE. that color makes her skin look red to me, she clashes with the carpet, her ass looks about 9 times bigger than I'm sure it is. That thing she is holding in her hand looks like she ripped a blanket off of her daughter's bed. I've seen her do much, much better. It just isn't flattering on her.

Of course I'm no fashion guru...

I am still mad that I couldn't see the Oscars... first Cablevision and ABC had to bitch it out, then, when they finally grew up and stopped being little babies, my tv screen went out. So I saw some lovely multi-colored lines. And listened to the Oscars instead of watching them, and where is the fun in that???