02 March 2010

How to Make It in America - Episode 3 Recap

A Paper, Denim + Dollar recap:

Once again we find ourselves at another party with our heroes to the soundtrack of Tenor Saw's Ring the Alarm. Always the responsible one, Ben leaves the party early in order to meet with the pattern maker on time the next morning. Even a girl with this tempting proposition can't stop him from staying: "Forget working hard, quit your job, start a band with me, we'll sell a million ringtones and get paid!" Oh the new American dream.

Once Ben and Cam learn they need $1,500 to get their pattern and sample made, it's a race to get the money. Who will come through for our heroes?

Here's how to make it in America:

- when you ask your friend to name your new band and they've been sipping straight from the wine bottle, don't expect anything better than "The Fucking Awesomes"
- if you need Cam (a.k.a. the chronically tardy friend) to arrive somewhere on time, tell him to meet you earlier than the actual time of your meeting
- if you fuck up your back in yoga, please wrap your torso with pink ribbon like a present and draw more attention to your boobs
- mentioning Hunter College is a very NY thing to do ... (shout all to my Hunter mates!)
- to get an eight-year-old who buys Red Bull to get wings to switch to Rasta Monster, give him a free can
- boat shoes are the new Jordans
- never talk to your friend in the Peace Corp if you don't want to feel like you've done nothing with your life
- if you want a good marketer, hire an OG (screw posters, they go for grassroots)
- to dads a lot of money = great, but insurance = better
- to Uptown kids, skateboarding = Thrasher, shoe sponsors, lawyers, and a skateboarder-turned-crazy man named Wilfredo
- they're not just interior designers, they're design superheroes who save the city "300 sq. ft. at a time"
- OGs know everything is for sale
- create a business plan ... or create one after you pay $1,500 for your pattern and sample
- a homeless CEO isn't a good look for a company
- take a picture when there's a "history in the making" moment

While it was cool of Ben to give up his rent money for the sake of the company, it was even better when Cam took out the money he scored from selling the decks. Gotta luv a hustler. Who's the responsible one now?

Sidenote: The mobile truck stop condom distribution service isn't a joke. They really have them in Africa. Google it.

(photos from Facebook)

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