23 March 2010

How to Make It in America - Episode 6 Recap

A Good Vintage recap:

Right out the gate (or elevator rather), our heroes are on a mission. "Let's make this quick because I'm gonna be late," Ben tells Cam as they head to a board meeting with "born uncool but with an instinct for business" Kappo.

After doing a toast with their morning coffee to a future with hot mothers and rich fathers, the trio part ways and begin their days.

Now here's how to make it in America:

- PRPS denim + Limited Edition Yohji Yamamoto Adidas = Barneys style
- Even OGs know that fried shit will kill you
- An OG ain't scared to down egg whites, cottage cheese, whole wheat toast, and melon for breakfast while stealing fried shit off his boy's plate to get the North American CEO look
- When you need to go handle your business, just leave. (Caution: You may get fired when you return, but two words - unemployment check)
- Redeem yourself for being "dickish" by apologizing, introducing yourself and giving party invites.
- Boy Scouts of America troop leaders don't lie to OGs, but OGs will sucker punch them on the playground ... again
- Even the way Barneys' bosses fire employees has style: "Don't think of it as you're fired. Think of it as you're free." Beat that Trump.
- Do ask your girlfriend of 2 months to move in with you after showing her your hometown and telling her you felt up "Betty Big Hills" behind a tree.
- If you're fired from 11 restaurants, you too may one day own your own 11 restaurants like Gingy's dad.
- If someone like Kappo says, "This is where the magico happens," when showing you his bedroom, abstain from saying "eww" and respond Domingo-style with "pretty baller!"
- When hiring waitresses, get girls from Scores.

After some karaoke, Jersey girl Julie takes Ben and Cam to her employer's vintage tee dealer where they find what they've been after for the whole episode -- 300 vintage tees. So the moral of the story is to befriend Jersey girls. When your ass is in a jam, they can get you 300 vintage tees for $200.

Now that our heroes got their goods, let's see how well their shirts come out.

Sidenote: Is it just me or are Domingo and Kappo the new Ben and Cam?

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