31 March 2010

How to Make It in America - Episode 7 Recap

A Keep on Truck'n recap:

This week we find one half of our duo in a little morning tryst. Good morning Ben and Jersey girl Julie.

Their romp comes to a close when Cam calls his "Jewish muscle" for backup. (Did that sound like a dirty joke to anyone else?) Before heading off on another adventure, Julie tells Ben she's going to her best friend's wedding in Baltimore. Will he or won't he go with her -- we shall see.

Now here's how to make it in America:

- Even OGs have deadlines
- When handing out free samples of Rasta Monsta, do play Beenie Man in the background.
- Do say, "ladies in the parlour, whores in the bedroom" when pitching your design ideas for a hotel.
- POs > OGs
- Want a screen printer? Hire Henry.
- There's no right or wrong way to succeed according to the stiletto stoner looking for her big break.
- If you're Rachel, relationship, business and friendship lines get blurred.
- Even OGs want to be looked up to.
- Even Cam knows not to bring his "Jewish muscle" with him to come clean to an OG.
- Even OGs can forgive ... and become the North American Rasta Monsta CEO!
- Sometimes you just need to go on a road trip to Baltimore ... or do you?
- If it's Ben's fault, it's none of his business.

So the moral of our story is never leave a Rasta Monsta truck full of Crisp tees unattended while you take a snack break at the diner.

Now the show blogs are buzzin about who Ben will choose, Julie or Rachel. I like the Jersey girl, but I'm hoping he goes with Rachel. Last week Darren wanted them to move in together and now he wants them to work together. This is way too fast dude. Slow down and give the girl some space, especially after you ate her birthday Cheez Doodles. Big mistake buddy!

Want to know who's behind that awesome Rasta Monsta truck design? Get the inside scoop from graffiti artist Lee Quiniones.

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