08 March 2010

'Jersey Shore' in the Movies - Part 2

Here are the rest of the Jersey Shore cast's Oscar-nominated movie spoofs from Lopez Tonight. I think they're a lot funnier than the opening monologue of the Oscars. Thoughts?

The Jersey Shore Presents: Precious - Stairwell
You know, Sammi really is "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet" baking a cake and all.

The Jersey Shore: Precious - "Counselor"
Someone really needs to teach Snooki how to duck.

The Jersey Shore Presents: The Blind Side
Looks like "The Situation" has a little Tony Soprano in him.

The Jersey Shore Presents: Up in the Air - "Miles"
This skit is so bad it's good, just like Jersey Shore. Definitely my favorite of all the spoofs. Oprah, Pauly D's coming for you!

The Jersey Shore: Up in the Air - "Cards"
Who else really feels like there's an Axe Body Spray card, say "I!"

(screenshot from "The Jersey Shore Presents: Up in the Air - 'Miles'")

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