03 March 2010

'Jersey Shore' in the Movies

Everywhere the Jersey Shore cast goes, the media follows. This week everyone's talking about their spoofs of Oscar-nominated movies on Lopez Tonight. Watch and tell me which is your favorite.

The Jersey Shore Presents: Avatar
I love Pauly D, but this was kind of random. I feel like he's in utero.

The Jersey Shore Presents: The Hurt Locker
Of course my favorite of the spoofs so far addresses how dangerous the confusion of "The Situation" can be.

The Jersey Shore Presents: Inglourious Basterds - The Line Up
Snooki with a southern accent is priceless. My favorite part is when she says, "Some might think we're even Cuban." What? And did they just reveal that season 2 is going to be set in Miami? I can't tell if that's true or not.

The Jersey Shore Presents: Inglourious Basterds: The Negotiation
This is more dialogue than Vinny had during the whole first season of Jersey Shore post-pink eye.

(Sidenote: Isn't it Inglorious Bastards? Were they not allowed to spell it the proper way?)

There'll be more videos to come this week, and I will be posting them.

(screenshot from "The Jersey Shore Presents: Inglourious Basterds - The Line Up")

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