16 March 2010

Les Celebutantes 3.16.10

It's the most shocking breakup so far this year - the seemingly unbreakable union of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes is no more. Apparently being apart so much put a strain on their relationship, resulting in the split. Is it just me or does everyone who wins the Best Actress Oscar split with their husband soon after ... Halle, Reese, now Kate.

A couple that is still very much together is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. She told her stylist that they've even moved in together in NYC and everything. I hope her stylist isn't the same one who put her in this "brilliant" Oscar dress last year.

While Biel's spilling the status of her relationship, J's hooking up with ex Cameron Diaz on the big screen. (I meant for that to sound way less scandalous. Alright, no I didn't.) From what I've read about their new movie Bad Teacher, there's a sex scene somewhere in the script and it just may involve Timberlake and Diaz. OMG. This is so major in my mind because Cam's my favorite JT girlfriend and I wouldn't mind them getting back together and now I'm ranting like a Justin Bieber fangirl.

Alright, but seriously, how cute do these two look together on the set ... smiling, laughing, dancing like it's 2005.

Did you know Mario Lopez had a girlfriend? Her name is Courtney Mazza. She's an actress who starred in A Chorus Line with Mario back in 2008. Courtney's expecting their first child sometime this fall. I can't wait to see an Extra segment of Mario working out with his baby. Congrats.

Last year Miley Cyrus said goodbye to the Twitter world with her final tweet: FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason. As Michael Buckley from YouTube's What the Buck Show said, Liam is a powerful bitch. (He really said that. Watch the video: link)

In a new interview with Movieline, Miley complains that she felt like she didn't have a life anymore because she let everyone into hers by tweeting all the time. Since getting off of Twitter, she's been more social and developed real friendships. Snaps for you Miles.

Now Miley wants other kids to get off the internet too. She says, "I’m telling kids, don’t go on the internet, it’s dangerous, it’s not fun, it wastes your life, and you should be outside playing sports or something." While that is true, I just find it ironic that I'm reading that quote on the internet.

In another interview with Teen Vogue, Miley says, "I know everyone says Carrie, but I love Kim Cattrall, so I'll say Samantha. I want to be her because she's the hottest, she's funny, and she has attitude." Um, so does she want to be Kim or Samantha? This is the difference between playing the coach in Ice Princess 4 and being a sex-crazed publicist.

Moving on ...

No, this is not the latest hip hop group. That is newly banged Fergie (I'm referring to her hair), will.i.am and Josh Duhamel hanging out at a Chicago nightclub. I'm loving Fergie's purple jacket!

Jennifer Aniston just looks better with age. There's talk that she wants to be a Bond girl and I think she'd make a great femme fatale. Who else is excited to see her and Gerry B. in Bounty Hunter this weekend?

Another movie I'm really excited to see is The Runaways. Here are Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning at the LA premiere alongside the rock legends they portray on the big screen, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

Amanda Seyfried strikes some sexy poses in the April issue of Esquire. On the process behind taking photos like these, she says, "This is not acting, it's pretending. I pretend I'm looking at a man who is looking right at me, a man who sees me as exceptionally clever and adventurous."

Have you ever heard of Outside Magazine? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, Anderson Cooper is on the cover of the April issue.

He looks hot and talks about fear: I don’t believe you should be ruled by fear in anything in life. I don’t like anything that scares me, I prefer to face it head-on and get over it.

I heart A-Coop. Someone who I'm not really into, but who looks really good walking around LA in a wifebeater is Kellan Lutz.

Wow. And with that I continue my spring break looking out for new celebrity news to write about. Thanks for reading.

(photos from Vanity Fair, JustJared, Teen Vogue, and Esquire)

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