17 March 2010

My Prayers Have Been Answered! Thank You Mr. Choo.

In the early '90s when I was a kid, light up sneakers were all the rage on the playground. Unfortunately that was one bandwagon I never got to jump on.

When I went to my local Stride Rite the sneakers weren't being sold anymore. It was reported that if the light broke, it could cause mercury poisoning. Years later they figured out a way to make light up sneakers without killing off the kindergarten set, but by that time they weren't making them in my size.

For years I've envied children as they run by me in the streets with their fancy light up shoes. But now, Jimmy Choo has solved my shoe envy.

For just $2,500 these new Jimmy Choos that light up as you dance can be mine! Now who has $2,500 for me? Cash only please.

(photo from Huffington Post)

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