23 March 2010

Never Rival for Bieber?

No teen star's bigger than Justin Bieber right now. Every time I go on Twitter he's trending like crazy. Just in time for his new album's release, there's another dude with good hair and a guitar gearing up to take his spot.

Meet Mathias Anderle. Apparently he's a teen actor so I IMDB'd him. He's in the movie School Gyrls that was written and directed by Nick Cannon. According to the trailer I saw, he plays a hottie. Guess who else is in School Gyrls? Justin Bieber! (He's playing himself.) I wonder if the two went head to head in the movie. I must watch and find out, but first I want to hear from you. Do you think Mathias is the next teen superstar?

(photo from MySpace)

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