22 March 2010

"New York City Eats Its Young" T-Shirt Available Now

Over 100 people viewed my How to Make It In America episode 5 recap last week, making it my most-viewed recap yet. Thanks readers!

The main reason this one had so many views was because people were looking for where they could get the "New York City Eats Its Young" t-shirt Ben wore.

Of course, I took it upon myself to find where you can buy it. The shirt's now available on the HBO website for $24.99. Click the picture below to link to the site.

UPDATE 9.26.10
Thanks to a tip from GRAE reader Max, I've learned the shirt's available at Urban Outfitters now. It doesn't have the RIP on the back, but based on his comment it may have the HBO thing instead. Can anyone clarify?

(photos from Facebook and HBO)


nabilah said...

Hi! i just checked out the HBO shop link but i cant seem to find this t shirt. Theres plenty of other designs but not this one. is it no longer available?

Anonymous said...

I bought three Monday night. They took it down off the website Wednesday. They were back ordered. Strange. Maybe they will put it back up.

Anna said...

yea HBO took the shirt down a little while ago.

But it's not the same shirt :(

Ben's shirt says "Eats Its Young"
the one from HBO says "Eats It's Young"

and the back has the show title and Ben's said something like RIP IRT

wish someone would sell the EXACT same shirt ben had

Anonymous said...

do you no when HBO is going to re-stock? or any other places that are selling the shirt?

Grae said...

Hey everyone,

I contacted HBO, but they didn't say when or if the shirt would be available again.

For now, keep checking the site. If I find it elsewhere, I'll let you know.


jason said...

do you know if it has that RIP message on the back?

Grae said...

Hey Jason,

As far as I know the back of it says "HBO How to Make It in America."

One of my readers spotted someone in the RIP version, but doesn't know where they got it from. I'm thinking the one HBO is selling is based on a vintage tee, and they just changed the back to promote the show.

I'm still looking for the RIP version. I'll keep you guys posted.


Melanie said...

your music is sick

and i love this shirt wish i could find the one with the rip on the back

Grae said...

Thanks Melanie. I've been looking for it too. I'm going to try and get in contact with the wardrobe department for the show.

Max said...

The shirt is available at Urban Outfitters now. It doesn't have the RIP on the back but it is apparently an HBO officially licensed product

Shari Baldie said...

Thanks Max!