24 March 2010

Playing Dress-Up with Macy's Fashion Director

What little girl doesn't love playing dress-up? I had bags upon bags of dress-up clothes around my house growing up. Their contents ranged from Princess Jasmine gear from the Disney store to my mother's old skirt that I probably should have kept and worn when it could actually fit me.

Sites like Polyvore and Looklet allow users to virtually relive their childhood dress-up games. Macy's Fashion Director site lets users create outfits based on scenarios like meeting the ex for coffee and dressing for a work presentation. The winner of every the Daily Fashion Challenge contest gets a $500 Macy's gift card. Who wouldn't want to win that?

I actually created an outfit for today's challenge: Prepare the guest room for a weekend visit from your in-laws. Check it out here and vote for me please. I could use some new DKNY Skinnies. ♥

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