19 March 2010

Wish I Was at SXSW + Introducing Mike Posner

New York's great and all, but all week all I could think about was being in Austin, Texas. Why? SXSW of course! Somehow I've always been on spring break when SXSW is going on, but I've never found myself at the week long music and film festival because I'm a broke college student.

Usually I find out about bands after they go to SXSW, however this year I actually know of a number of bands and singers who went there to perform. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go next year.

Since I'm not in Austin, I've been keeping up on SXSW via blogs, articles, tweets and videos. I was on Vevo last night and came across a SXSW 2010 Preview playlist. One of the videos featured was Drug Dealer Girl by Mike Posner.

I first heard about Mike on Last Call with Carson Daly last year when he made his debut TV performance on the show. When Mike's not producing and writing his own songs, he's a Duke University student.

In 2009 he scored a record deal with J Records, and he's currently working on his first album while finishing up at Duke. Guess he knows what he'll be doing once he graduates this year. That reminds me, what am I going to be doing after my graduation this year besides writing about him in the coming months of course.

To check out more of Mike's music, head over to his MySpace where you can DL his mixtape One Foot Out The Door for free.

(photo from last.fm)

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