01 March 2010

You Know What I Did Last Weekend 3.1.10

Who else is sitting in Ryan Library bored out of their mind during a way-too-long break. Me too! As I'm about to go to lunch I remembered I had planned to start writing about my weekends for no reason at all but to cure you (and me) of boredom for oh, five or less minuttes.

As the snow mountains grew higher, I did some homework, caught up on some TV shows and movies and caught a cold. Let the details begin ...

I wrote about post-World Ward II samurai movies. Not for fun, for class. Yes, I had to make that distinction.

I rewrote a review of How to Make It in America attempting to refind my writer's voice. Again, not for fun, for class.

Saturday evening I found myself with a low grade temperature and a migraine that made me light-sensitive. I craved salt, ate Doritos and missed a Sunday meeting so I wouldn't get my mates sick. You're welcome.

I watched Greek and did my usual weekly #GreekQuotes tweets.

A Twitter friend tweeted about Secret Diary of a Call Girl and sent me a link to the latest episode. I watched, loved it, and got caught up on the past two and a half seasons. Great storyline. Start watching if you haven't already.

I watched two movies I've been meaning to see for some time - Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. These movies were different, yet similar. I highly recommend them if you're looking for something to watch next weekend.

I researched a guest speaker that came to my 8 a.m. feature writing course this morning and caught up on Ashley Dupre's "Ask Ashley" column in the New York Post. Interesting questions people ask that girl. Interesting questions.

Couldn't sleep last night since I woke up so late in the afternoon on Sunday (5 p.m. to be exact - is that even the afternoon?). As I lay in bed for two hours I went over my to-do list to no end, often thinking in a British accent. Secret Diary of a Call Girl must have rubbed off on me. Not like that!

And now my week commences ...

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