09 April 2010

Happy Birthday @JesseMcCartney

The first time I saw Jesse McCartney he was on All My Children. Yeah, I'm that old.

One soap opera, one boy band, one TV series, a handful of movies, a few TV guest spots and three albums later, Jesse's all grown and sexy and 23. Today's his birthday (if my headline didn't clue you in) so I have to revisit some of my favorite things JMac (because I'm such a fangirl at heart).

Because You Live - I know most people's favorite song from Jesse's first album is Beautiful Soul, but mine's actually Because You Live. Unique aren't I? I can't really explain why I like this song, I just do. Enough said.

Feelin' You - Let's face it, Jesse's second album tanked. While Jesse sounded great, the album lacked direction. He was trying to transition from bubblegum pop to young adult pop, but some pieces of the puzzle were unfortunately missing. With that said, there were a few tracks that caught my ear including Feelin' You. Lyrics like "You walk into a room. All eyes are on you. Everyone wants to know your name. Baby you make 'em swoon. Yeah baby you're so smooth. You take every breath I breathe away," totally captured the hearts of JMac fangirls everywhere.

In My Veins - With his 3rd album Jesse really got it right. Leavin' set the tone for the summer of '08. Departure was so successful that last year he re-released it with four new tracks, one of which showed how much Jesse had matured musically. In My Veins is my all-time favorite JMac song. I don't know anyone who hasn't mentioned how sexy it is after having a listen.

From one Westchester-bred kid to another, happy birthday Jesse! May you have an amazing day and a great year ahead of you.

And yes, we'll all party like it's 1999. I'll call Will Smith. Cheers!

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