12 April 2010

How to Make It in America - Episode 8 Recap

A Never Say Die recap:

This week (alright last week, sorry for the delay), we find our usually bubbly Cam sitting somberly at the breakfast table thinking his and Ben's future in fashion may be over before it's even begun.

Last week (work with me here) we found his partner in crime waking up in bed with Jersey girl Julie. This week he's waking up with his ex Rachel. The two leave his apartment and our adventure begins.

Now here's how to make it in America:

- Do say "it was good seeing you" after a hookup with your ex.
- Do complain that the cops aren't putting your tax dollars to use even if you don't actually pay taxes.
- Even OGs know painting over Calvin Klein ads in SoHo is ghetto. (Although, I'm sure parents groups will soon do this in protest.)
- Do learn from Domingo's Uncle Julius -- things come and go.
- Do "get [your] philosophize on every once in a while" like Domingo.
- Even OGs know the difference between damaged art and stolen art.
- Do quit your job to see the world until your money runs out and dump your boyfriend after hooking up with your ex. (Also be sure to tell your boyfriend that you hooked up with your ex before you walk out the door.)
- When you have an evil, impure impulse, do imagine taking an elevator to the basement of your soul to confront the evil you by looking yourself in the eye and smiling.
- Bacon makes everything better.
- Do drive from Jersey to Florida to see Radiohead.
- Do stand up to an OG, then get the hell out.
- Do get rich slow and appreciate it like Kappo.
- Do take advice from Wilfredo: "Don't trust nobody Donald, not even Mickey."
- Do help your OG cousin with his "damaged art" in order to get back your t-shirts.
- Do get a passport if you want to sell your soon-to-be created hoodies in Japan yourself.

In the end, Ben and Cam's "New York City Eats Its Young" t-shirts were returned, and our heroes finally made their money!

So concludes season 1, and we are left to ponder the following:
Who will Ben wake up with in the next episode?
Where will Rachel travel to?
How will Cam get a passport?
When will Kappo get a girl?
Will Domingo keep philosophizing?
What will be the future of Crisp?

Time will tell once season 2 begins. Until then we will listen to the show's mixtape, buy How to Make It in America t-shirts, and watch the I Need a Dollar music video.

(photos from Facebook)

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