12 April 2010

In My Inbox ... 4.12.10

I get 20+ messages in my inbox daily from my favorite websites and blogs. I thought I'd start sharing my fave stories in the new GNY feature, In My Inbox.

New York Style from ELLE Street Chic Daily:

I love those shoes!

Best lead of the day from Thrillist (may or may not have something to do with a Daniel Craig mention):

Bathing suits are a lifestyle statement -- board shorts say "I'm casual, and came to chill", while spandex boy shorts say "I'm Daniel Craig, and as soon as you start chilling I'm going to superiorly fellate your girlfriend". Find your fit from a brand that makes 'em all, with Pull-In.

Advice from The Daily Love:

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you."
- Deepak Chopra

I feel like Deepak's heard the Dirty Projectors' song "Stillness is the Move" which Solange covered last year.

Good business advice from 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian:

"Our secret to success is hard work, focus and doing right by our clients. Business doesn’t always have to be that complicated."

via TechCrunch: iPad Marriage Proposal: Congrats Zach, You Dork

What's next, the tweeted proposal? Oh wait, that already happened. How about the Chatroulette proposal? Now there's a challenge.

via NY Times: Speaking of Apple products, there's a new parking app for the iPhone.

via Refinery29: Gia Coppola's Zac Posen for Target video

Along with "Six-Time Grammy Winners," the Black Eyed Peas can now add "The Most Corporate Band" to their title. Thank you Wall Street Journal.

After reading Zoë Kravitz's interview with StyleList, I feel like we could be friends. Here's why:

- We both like Vera Wang Princess (which she stars in the campaign for)
- We both go to Duane Reade
- We both keep our edges moisturized (black girl thing)
- We both consider Carrie Bradshaw our style icon
- She has tattoos, I want tattoos

See, we're practically besties.

What to rock at a music festival from WhoWhatWear:

And lastly, QuickTrim sale on HauteLook! I'm not into these diet things, but I know you want to gawk at Kim K in a bikini. Do I know my readers, or do I know my readers?

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