12 April 2010

Snooki's Diva Shades

All weekend I've seen photos of Snooki rockin' these embellished sunglasses along with her signature trucker hat and pouf.

The shades are so Snooki, but I'm worried that if she gets hit again she won't be able to see it coming. Hopefully she'll be able to hear it coming over the techno. And I hope someone taught her to duck.

Would you rock Snook's stunna shades?

(Sidenote: Why's Angelina back? She ditched the JS house as fast as she could carry her garbage bag suitcase.)

UPDATE >>> In case you want Snooki's diva shades, she got them at Funky Sexy Couture in South Beach, or as JWOWW called it, "the tranny store."

(photos from Yahoo! OMG)

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