30 April 2010

The Weekend Soundtrack ... 4.30.10

The weather's supposed to be awesome this weekend, at least in New York anyways. Of course I've got to have a soundtrack to blast as I pass the time working, writing and wishing I was at Bamboozle.

B. Scott - Come for the Queen (DJ Fatha Julz Club Mix)
This makes me want to get up and fist pump á la Jersey Shore. You know want to join me.

Drake - Find Your Love
This has Kanye's fingerprints all over it. I love it! So jealous my friends are going to be at Bamboozle in close proximity to Drake without me. :-(

Eminem - Not Afraid
Recently I was on the bus and some high schoolers all agreed that Em still has the sickest flow. I have renewed faith in our public school system.

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