06 May 2010

Miley 'Can't Be Tamed' ... Or Wear Pants

Oh Miley, Miley, Miley. Where do I begin?

Now that Miley's broken free of the Disney reins, she's sexed up her image even more. Her new music video for Can't Be Tamed debuted a few days ago. In it Miley plays a rare bird who moves through Museum of Natural History-like exhibits with her dancers in tow.

The video's good and goes with the song, but it's not the right time to release it. Miley's turning 18 in November and is probably looking to revamp her image to become a sexy popstar. This video definitely helps her with that, but it's too soon. It should have been released closer to her birthday because all people are going to talk about now is how an underage girl is running around with no pants on being too sexy for her age.

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