26 May 2010

Patricia Field Said My Name and It Was Awesome

Last week I posted that Patricia Field was doing a live chat on the Payless Facebook page. Being the Sex and the City/Ugly Betty fashion fanatic I am, I could not miss it for the world.

When it was time to submit questions, I asked:
Where do you find inspiration for your amazing designs/outfits?

At first I thought Patricia didn't respond to my question. Then the next day I went on the Payless Facebook page and noticed that not only had she responded to my question, but she had left a video response!

As I started to watch, the first thing I thought was "OMG! Did Patricia Field just say my name?" I did a quick rewind and realized "She did! She did!" (Of course my first name is pronounced "Shar-ee" not "Sher-ee" but I don't care. She's the Patricia Field!) Now on to her style tips!

Patricia said she gets inspiration from her artsy friends, her mind and even clothing stores. Then she put together an outfit for me. I know ... major!

She paired her gold beaded Keith Haring by Patricia Field Vase Dress with the pink vinyl Mini-Malibu Motorcycle Jacket and a Minicci black lace scarf from Payless.

To dress down the outfit and make it "real funky and around-the-way girl," Patricia paired the look with Christian Siriano for Payless' pink Walk It Out Laceless Zip Slip-Ons. Totally "young girl running around" as she put it. To dress up the outfit Patricia added Christian Siriano for Payless' Marta Strappy Dress Sandals.

"It's how you put the pieces together that makes the look," Patricia explained. "The trick is if you've got something dressy, go for something non-dressy to mix it so that you balance it."

Thanks for answering my question Ms. Field. You rock, and so does this outfit!

Watch the video for yourself on Facebook. Enjoy. ♥

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