24 May 2010

The Sen10r Playlist: School's All But A Memory Now

Last week Sunday four years of textbooks I barely read, papers I loathed writing, exams I didn't care for, and sleepless nights that quickly became the norm all came to an end with a three-hour commencement ceremony. Yup, my college days are now over. It's kind of nice to have free time, but on the other hand I need something productive to do NOW! I feel like I've wasted the past week sleeping till the afternoon, watching soap operas and checking emails I didn't get to during finals week. Luckily this schedule will change by the end of the week.

In the midst of my extensive sleep schedule, I forgot to post my Sen10r playlist. So without further ado, here are the songs that will make you look back on your school days. Cue flashback sequence ...

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
I've seen way too many sen10r slideshows set to this song.

Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever)
Every time I hear this I just wonder what happened to the group. Anyone know?

Boys II Men - End of the Road
I know this has nothing to do with graduation, but in high school this was our senior song. I don't know why either. My friend and I voted for John Mayer's No Such Thing.

John Mayer - No Such Thing
What should have been my senior song in high school. Why? He says, "I wanna run through the halls of my high school." Duh.

Honor Society - Where Are You Now
As soon as I heard this song I dubbed it the class of 2K10 song. Unfortunately no one else caught on. Maybe they will now. Spread the word!

Kosha Dillz, Flex Matthews & Josh Shipp - Class of 2010
Oh wow, a rap song written just for my fellow 2K10 grads. You can thank my classmate Miss Whoever You Are for finding this one a few weeks back.

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life
As you may know, Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie of all time. Over the years I've sat through many a boring assembly/speech/talent show/presentation wishing Johnny Castle would whisk me on stage to liven the place up with a little dance number. Hey, a girl can dream.


Ashley said...

Congrats and 1) dirty dancing is my fave movie too and ive had the same dream and 2) i didnt know vitamin C was a group..that was my 5th grade graduation song and i didnt have a hs grad song but 2 yrs b4 they san its so hard to say goodbye bIIm

OooKellyNicky said...

Yeah, I have to say I love dirty dancing too. I was so in love with Patrick Swayze it's rediculous. That last song is so amazing.

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