24 June 2010

Grae's Guide to Summer 2010 :: Let's Get Sporty

I'm all for sports played in warm temperatures. Give me action sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and football of the European persuasion, and I'm a happy girl. This summer there's a lot going on. Here's what I'll be tuning into.

World Cup

The World Cup is going on right now in South Africa until mid-July. I love watching the news every day and seeing people gather together to watch. Even if you're not rooting for a specific team, it's just awesome to watch some good soccer (or football as I call it). If you're looking for a team to support, I suggest Team USA. Donovan is a rockstar, and Buddle's from my hometown.

Dew Tour

While I don't skate myself, I love to watch. If you follow me on Twitter during the summer, you know I tweet like a madwoman about what's going on every Dew Tour weekend. This year's tour kicks off June 26, and yes, I will be watching. Check the Alli Sports website for the viewing times in your area.

Maloof Money Cup

A few weeks ago the Maloof Money Cup made it's way cross-country to Queens, New York. I was so excited that the contest was in my backyard. While I wasn't able to attend in person, I did catch the webcast. If you missed it, tune into FOX on June 27 to watch the highlights.


The X-Games is was got me into action sports in the first place. I love seeing my fave athletes compete. This year should be really good too on the skating front with Shaun White coming off the Winter Olympics and Ryan Sheckler back from getting injured at last year's competition.


This famed tennis tournament is already under way in England. Although I don't really get the rules and scoring, I love to watch, especially when Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters are playing.

US Open

The US Open is another great tennis tournament my eyes are glued to as the summer winds down. Like Wimbledon, it brings out some top-notch players.

Fuel TV

If you love actions sports, you need to check out Fuel.TV. They always have great footage on their site, and they do really good live webcasts from different events. It's definitely a site to add to your bookmarks.

AVP Volleyball

When I was in elementary school I rocked at volleyball. Then I got to high school, and I couldn't get the ball over the net to save my life. Although my volleyball skills have strangely deteriorated as I age, there's nothing I love more than kicking back to watch Misty May-Treanor compete. I was a big fan of her and Walsh back in the day.

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