27 June 2010

Grae's Guide to Summer 2010 :: What to Watch

When I was younger, summer TV meant re-runs of all my favorite shows. Nowadays networks create summer seasons to test out potential shows to add to their fall and spring lineups. Here are some new and old faves that might interest you.

Competition Shows:

So You Think You Can Dance
FOX, Wed at 8pm, Thurs at 9pm

As you can tell from my weekly recaps, this show is basically my life in the summertime.

Dance Your Ass Off
Oxygen, Mon at 10pm

I've never seen this show (I don't have cable), but Mel B's the new host so I'm sure it's good.

True Beauty
ABC, Mon at 10pm

A few years ago this show aired on ABC and now it's back. I didn't like it the first time, and I'm still not interested this time around.

ABC, Tues/Thurs 8pm

Last weekend I watched a few back-to-back reruns of Wipeout. It was hilarious. I love the stunts the contestants have to do. It's so funny to watch.

Hell's Kitchen
FOX, Tues at 8pm

Chef Gordon Ramsey's facial expression in the picture below says it all. Sometimes some contestants come up with some dishes that you wouldn't want to feed to a pig. If cooking's your thing, check this out.

Last Comic Standing
NBC, Mon/Tues at 10pm

I love a good laugh, and this show's full of them.

America's Got Talent
NBC, Tues/Wed at 9pm

Talent shows really aren't my thing unless I find a contest to latch on to (like last year's contestants Recycled Percussion).

Action Shows:

White Collar
USA, Tues at 9pm (starting July 13)

I'm obsessed with this show! I've been pining for its return since the finale earlier in the year. If you've never seen it before, you're going to love it! If you're not into the plot, maybe you'll love those sleek suits Matt Bomer wears in every episode. So hot!

Burn Notice
USA, Thurs at 9pm

I used to be obsessed with this show when it first aired, but then I sort of didn't have time to watch it anymore. If I have time to play catch-up, I'll definitely start watching again.

Royal Pains
USA, Thurs at 10pm

My friend loves this show. Last week I was trying to IM her, but she couldn't be reached because was caught up in the storyline.


Rookie Blue
ABC, Thurs at 10pm

I only saw half of the pilot, but I love it! As a rookie in my industry, I can totally relate to these rookie police officers.

ABC Family, Mon at 9pm (starting June 28)

This book-turned-TV series stars two of my faves, Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff. From what I've been hearing, this show should be a hit!

Pretty Little Liars
ABC Family, Tues at 8pm

Based on what I've seen in the commercials, this show reminds me of Hidden Palms, my favourite cancelled show from summer 2007. Hopefully this show will fare better.

The Gates
ABC, Sun at 10pm

This is basically Vampire Diaries meets Desperate Housewives, I think. I only saw the first half hour of it, but that's basically what I got from it. I guess I'll watch if nothing else is on.

The Good Guys
FOX, Mon at 9pm

I really don't care about this show, but Colin Hanks is in it and I like him.

Persons Unknown
NBC, Mon at 8pm

If you're missing Lost, this sci-fi mystery may interest you.

Friday Night Lights
NBC, Fri at 8pm

I LOVE this show. I started watching last year and I'm obsessed. The storyline I'm loving this season is the one with Tim Riggins and his landlord's daughter. So cute.

Reality Shows:

Jersey Shore
MTV, Thurs at 10pm (starting July 29)

I admire the Jersey Shore cast. They're maximizing their potential and doing everything they can to keep their names out there, from books, to clothes to cookie diets. So genius! Fist pump!

Downtown Girls
MTV, Tues at 11pm

The cast of this show is awesome! I find them way more relatable than those from the other MTV shows. They're funny, smart and know how to have a good time. What more could you want?


Jonas L.A.
Disney, Sun at 7:30/8pm

I saw a couple episodes from the first season of Jonas. It's a little campy, but sometimes a little camp is good.

ABC, Sun at 9pm

This show looks really funny in the commercials. I'll have to check it out when I get the chance.

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